About Us

Richard Juszt

The founder of the company, Richard Juszt has worked in the property business for over 20 years, operating throughout all the ‘prime’ locations of London.

‘‘I have been asked to search and acquire a wide variety of properties over the years, from the first-time buyer flat to the multi-million pound home. We are employed by a broad cross-section of the market – the domestic family, the International, the private investor and the developer. We work with only a hand-full of clients at any given time and never within the same brief. Both these points are crucial as they allow us to manage our clients expectations without hinderance and deliver a tailored solution that fits their needs without compromise.’‘

Richard comments further: “I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with individuals at the top of their profession. Our in-depth knowledge of the markets, coupled with our privileged access arrangements, has allowed the unique and precious opportunity to browse and buy before general release. This business can be incredibly liquid and the extra few days or even just hours can make all the difference between striking the right deal.”

The company is a totally independent and privately owned.